Future Friendly is committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and therefore demand the best quality electrical work and customer service from their electricians. Future Friendly performs all types of electrical work, not just solar, with experience in the domestic, commercial  and industrial sector.

At Future Friendly Solar, our philosophy is "Quality from the start." We prioritise delivering top-tier solutions that ensure peak performance and long-term satisfaction.

Our skilled professionals adhere to industry best practices and leverage advanced technologies to design and install your solar energy system with precision. Our accredited installers are experts in solar system setup, ensuring every component is correctly installed and meets safety standards and regulations.

By upholding strict quality standards, we provide solar energy systems that fulfill immediate needs and endure over time. We perform comprehensive site inspections, considering sun exposure, shading, and energy consumption patterns, to create custom designs that maximise energy production and cost savings.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond installation. We offer thorough support and maintenance services to ensure your solar system's ongoing performance and longevity. Our expert team is ready to address concerns, conduct routine maintenance, and provide timely assistance whenever needed.

At Future Friendly Solar, we understand that solar energy is a long-term investment. We aim to maximise your benefits and provide peace of mind. With our "Quality from the start" philosophy, you can trust that your solar system will be meticulously designed, installed, and maintained.

Choose Future Friendly Solar for a sustainable energy solution that is built to last and make a lasting positive impact.


While specialising in the renewable energy sector, Future Friendly also offers a broad range of electrical services including:

  • Commercial solar installations

  • Residential solar installations

  • Solar panel repairs

  • Inverter repairs

  • Solar panel additions to existing systems

  • Switchboard upgrades and installation of safety switches

  • Battery installations

  • Fault finding & troubleshooting